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There are many, many ways I can assist you in your design or renovation project, and different degrees of involvement that easily adjust to your needs, schedule and budget.

I’m passionate and dedicated to this work, resourceful and committed to my customers from the beginning of any project through the process, until that wonderful moment when the work is completed and it’s time to enjoy the results.

Seattle, with its sometimes-difficult weather, can be a challenge at times, but I have learned the art of creating beautiful living spaces to make the home a comfortable refuge; a place that is joyful and that you enjoy sharing with your loved ones.

Whether the project is simply picking colors for your walls, redecorating one room, or more complex projects like a remodel, which can involve assisting builders with layouts and materials, I have the experience and creative talent and ability to bring a happy conclusion to your endeavor.

• Interior Design

• Color coordination

• Selecting materials and fixtures

• Furniture and furnishings

• Floors and surfaces

• Lighting

• Kitchen modernization

• Dream Bathrooms

• Selecting and overseeing sub-contractors

• Phase coordination

• Quality control

• Budget review

As you can see, I bring both experience and talent to the table, and because I truly love what I do, I am a perfectionist. Getting started is as simple as giving me a phone call!
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